Fawnskin Lakefronts

View of Big Bear LakefrontsThe north side of the lake offers what I consider the best views of Big Bear. From the north, in the back drop you can see the majestic, often snow covered 11,000 ft peak of San Gorgonio and her surrounding mountains. In the foreground you see the local village, ski resorts, and south shore lakefronts.

Lakefront homes on the North Shore also benefit by receiving direct sunlight year round due to its north facing orientation, making homes cozy and warm in winter, yet adequately cooled by the consistent westerly breeze in summertime. Slightly off the beaten path, North Shore homes are away from the hustle and bustle of the South Shore but no more than a 10 minute drive to the center of activity if so desired.

Further west on the North Shore, one finds the quaint, vintage village of Fawnskin. With just a few shops and restaurants, it attracts just enough people to keep things interesting, but few enough to separate itself from their more commercial South Shore neighbors. Fawnskin has its own culture and unique identity amongst the Bear Valley communities - something that residents of the area are (and should be) proud of.

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