Big Bear Log Cabins and Log Style Homes

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Perhaps the most desirable of all the architectural types of Big Bear homes for sale are log cabins and log style homes. Log homes are generally divided into two categories - true log and log style.

True Log Homes

Big Bear log homesTrue log homes are just that - full log homes in which at least the walls of the main structure are nothing but tree. These logs can be held in place by lining up tounges and grooves and then bolting the entire stack of logs together with rods. Or the more classic log structures are logs stacked with chinking, a caulk like substance, filling the grooves between the logs.

True log homes in Big Bear can be very costly to build. It can easily run upwards of $300 per square foot for quality craftsmanship. Engineering sometimes requires certifying individual logs for structural integrity. As well, if large rooms with high ceilings are being built, logs need to be found that will meet the additional length and strength required.

These homes, if built right, can offer a superior insulation factor as the log itself provides a significant barrier against the outdoor elements.

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Log Style Homes

Big Bear Log Style HomeLog style homes are almost exactly similar to any other "stick built" home, with lumbered studs being the foundation of the walls. But instead of a more typical siding material, log facia is attached to give the property a log look.

For most people looking for log homes in Big Bear, without a trained eye, a log style home looks almost exactly the same as a true log home. But because the main structure is a more traditional build and the log component is simply cosmetic, the construction of log style homes is usually significantly cheaper than that of true log homes.

As well, many log style homes will only put log facia on the front of the home and choose to use less expensive siding on the sides of the home not visible from the street. This also helps keep the cost of construction down.

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