Big Bear Lakefront Rental Information

Many people who purchase a Big Bear lakefront home are interested in putting their property on a vacation rental program to make some income while they are not using it. Here are some of the more popular questions I get about vacation renting...
(Be aware the rules and regulations governing vacation rentals in Big Bear change from time to time. To verify that these are the current rules, regulations and ordinances, you can call Jackie Garzo at Big Bear Vacation at (909) 746-7985 or email her at
How much do Big Bear lakefronts usually rent for per night? How much can I make per year by renting my lakefront home? How many days per year can I expect my home to be rented?
There are many factors that determine how many nights a home will rent for, how much it will make per night, and subsequently how much it will make per year. The following are just a few things that will affect potential rental income.
  • The size of the property, including how many people the
    property can sleep, number of beds, baths, and square footage.
  • Whether or not the home has features that renters look for,
    primarily a jacuzzi and game table. (billiards, foosball, etc.)
  • Quality of the home. (1 star versus 5 star)
  • How often the owner uses the property, thus not making it
    available for potential renters.
  • Flexibility with rental pricing. Oftentimes, owners will not
    allow their home to be rented for less than a certain amount. That may inhibit a
    property's rental potential. Some owners leave it to the rental company's
    discretion to handle pricing in order to maximize occupancy and


What are some examples of what some Big Bear lakefront homes have rented for, including days rented, how much per night, and gross rental income for the year?

The following are rental histories for a variety of Big Bear lakefront homes for the 2009 year. Keep in mind, per the criteria above, that lakefront rental income varies greatly based on several factors.
Area Beds Baths SqFt Occupancy Days Rented Avg. Rent/Day Annual Rental
Lakeview 4 4 3000 14 189 $560 $105,759
Eagle Point 5 5 5500 13 87 $940 $81,610
Eagle Point 3 3 2950 8 109 $430 $46,749
Lagunita 3 2 1200 6 120 $200 $24,234
What determines the maximum occupancy for a vacation rental?

The City of Big Bear Lake has set an occupancy limit of one person for every 200 s.f. of home. You'll note that many of the homes in the above rental histories do not maximize their occupancy. Manytimes the house layout and bed configurations limit occupancy. As well, it is not unusual for owners to limit the occupancy per their discretion.
In theory, the more people a home can sleep, the more income a property can make. For instance, the first example from thechart above has the highest annual income and has almost fully maximized the allowable occupancy.
What are some other ordinances affecting vacation rentals?
The City of Big Bear Lake requires that there be at least one parking space for each bedroom in the house. As well, vacation rental owners are required to have their home compliant with certain safety codes, including having operable fire extinguishers, safety railings on stairs, etc.