Baldwin Lake

Baldwin Lake BIg Bear MinesBaldwin Lake is situated at the eastern most edge of the Big Bear Valley. It backs to National Forest slopes that decend into the high desert of Lucerne Valley below. Because of its eastern location and because it backs to the drier climates below, Baldwin Lake tends to get less precipitation than the rest of the valley. Due to the more arid climate of the region, you'll find smaller pine trees with less undergrowth in the region's forests and chaparral throughout much of the remaining landscape.

Baldwin Lake itself is a dry lake. In years of heavy precipitation, there will be evidence of water in the spring. But it is rare to see any water in the lakebed whatsoever once the summer months arrive.

The topography of Baldwin Lake is generally flat, although there are some magnificent homes on the west facing hillsides with incredible views extending clear across the entire Big Bear Valley. You'll find an eclectic mix of homes in Baldwin Lake - from tightly placed rows of manufactured homes to spacious multi-acre ranches to giant secluded mansions tucked away on secret hilltop locations.

Almost all the roads off of the main thoroughfare, Baldwin Lake Road, are unpaved and unmaintained. Other than electricity, in most areas of Baldwin Lake, there are no other utilities. Most homes use propane tanks for heat, have wells or holding tanks for water, and are on septic or holding tanks for sewer.

Baldwin Lake tends to attract equestrian folk and/or those who prefer to be off the beaten path. It has a cowboy-like feel that is quite appealing to those looking for simple living and perhaps a little more solitude than other Big Bear areas have to offer.

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