Whispering Forest

Whipering Forest Big Bear Real estateWhispering Forest is a separate development of Big Bear homes sitting on the south facing hillsides of the North Shore. The roads that access the upper reaches of Whispering Forest can be steep and winding. But due to their south facing aspect, in wintertime, snow tends to melt relatively quickly making for easier access to one's home.

Whispering Forest backs to National Forest and is not too far from the former gold mining towns of Holcomb Valley or The Pacific Crest Trail. Access via Van Dusen Canyon is just a few streets away for access to off-roading, mountain biking, rock climbing and exploring.

Whispering Forest is conveniently located too. With North Shore Drive at the foot of the neighborhood, getting to most places of interest in Big Bear is quite easily accomplished.

Homes in this area generally have a residential feel to them. Most properties in this neighborhood are comfortable and unassuming. The area is home to a higher population of permanent residents but has its fair share of vacation home owners as well. This area seems to escape the attention of many Big Bear homebuyers, but once its discovered, many are excited about what it has to offer.