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Bear Lake West is arguably the most scenic area in all of Big Bear. It is home to some of Big Bear's most iconic landmarks: the Big Bear Lake dam, China Island (also known as Treasure Island, or by its official name, Garstin Island), Castle Rock, and perhaps the most popular of them all, Boulder Bay.

Bear Lake West is a relatively narrow strip of land bordered to the west by the dam, to the north by Big Bear Lake, and to the south by National Forest. The area is heavily forested as the western edge of the valley receives greater amounts of precipitation. The topography is varied, oftentimes with boulder outcroppings emerging amongst the soaring Jeffrey Pines.

Starting at the dam, you'll see many National Forest government lease properties located between highway 18 and the lake. The western most private property you will find is located in Papoose Bay Estates, one of Big Bear nicest lakefront communities. As you head east you will come across iconic Boulder Bay and Boulder Bay Park - a great place to sit by the lake and enjoy the scenic views. On the hillside peninsula just northeast of Boulder Bay, you will find the waterfront streets of Willow Landing and Waterview Drive. These streets are home to some of the most spectacular Big Bear lakefront homes in the valley.

Homes in the Bear Lake West area are the typical mix of Big Bear properties. You'll find impressive multi-million dollar mansions not too far from rustic, smaller, early 1900s cabins, with a good number of the area's homes being lakefronts. This diversity of homes along with the picturesque landscape gives the area a comfortable, mountain feel that attracts many propective buyers of Big Bear homes.


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