Fox Farm

Fox Farm Big BearFox Farm is generally regarded as one of the nicest areas of Big Bear by both permanent residents and vacation home owners alike. The area got its name many years ago as it was home to several "fox farms" in which foxes were bred for their valuable fur. All of Fox Farm is centrally located close to skiing, golf, and the National Forest of Moonridge while being just minutes from Big Bear Lake and the main shopping centers.

The area is divided into several sub-divisions, each with their own feel and attraction to different types of buyers. Here are a few of those areas that are worthy of noting.

Alpine Woods is a section of Fox Farm that was developed in the 80s and early 90's. The homes in the Alpine Woods neighborhood have more of a residential feel to them than a mountain feel. The neighborhood's topography is flat making for convenient access in the winter time. Most of the homes are larger in size and well kept, attracting a larger portion of permanent residents than other neighborhoods in Big Bear Lake.

Eagle Mountain Estates is a newer subdivision. Developed in the 2000s, this neighborhood is relatively flat for easy access and backs up to a well treed and bouldered open space that was once an eagle preserve. Underground utilities and curbed streets give one the impression that the neighborhood is upscale, clean and modern . Most of the homes in Eagle Mountain Estates are log style or have a distinct mountain feel to them, although you will certainly find a more contemporary custom home or two in the area. Homes are all well kept giving the neighborhood a high-end yet unpretentious feel.

Castle Glen Estates Big BearCastle Glen Estates is the newest subdivision in Fox Farm and is regarded by some as the nicest neighborhood in all of Big Bear. Developed during the height of the real estate surge in the mid-2000s, many of the homes are spectacularly grand, of the popular log-style architecture type, and often have magnificent views. Castle Glen is a unique little knoll that ascends from the generally flat valley floor. Marbled amongst sizable areas of open space on the knoll's hillside are some of Big Bear's most impressive homes. In general, the higher you go in elevation into Castle Glen, the more remarkable the homes become. From the very top of Castle Glen, you can see clear across Big Bear Lake to the west, all the way to the high desert to the east, the slopes of both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit to the south, and Gold Mountain to the north.

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