In the previous post, we saw a healthy jump in Big Bear home values over the last year. On a shorter, quarterly timeframe, we are seeing similar gains.

Take a look at this quarterly history of Big Bear home prices.

Big Bear Home Prices

Although the median and average sales prices both saw a dip from the second to third quarters, the overall trend is definitively positive.

If we look at the price per square foot measures of Big Bear homes, we see similar findings.

Price Per Square Foot of Big Bear Homes

Things are trending in the right direction as the real estate recovery continues. It is interesting to see that even after three years of decent growth, there is still a long way back to the peak prices experienced at the peak of the last real estate bubble.

That being said, the economy has been recovering at a healthy rate and consumer confidence has continued to rise. These are positive signs suggesting that we will likely see more growth in Big Bear home values in 2015.