Fawnskin Big Bear ViewFawnskin is its very own separate township located on the north shore of Big Bear Lake. Although it is only a 15 minute trip from the heart of Fawnskin to the "hustle-and-bustle" of the south shore, this hamlet prides itself as being off the beaten path and home to a more relaxed and eclectic lifestyle. Being home to the Moose Club's tavern, the North Shore Cafe (best eating in Big Bear!), a small convenience store, and a few other smaller businesses, is more than enough to make Fawnskin's inhabitants more than satisfied.  

Fawnskin was originally a community established as somewhat of a base camp for gold miners and loggers accessing Holcomb Valley in the 1800s. Supposedly, the name of the town was decided when its founders came across several deer skins laid out amongst the rocks while initially exploring the area. Fawnskin has changed a lot since then, but it still retains its rustic charm.

Fawnskin is home to some of the best views in Big Bear. Being south facing, when you look across the lake, you can see the ski resorts of the near peaks laid against the majestic backdrop of the 11,000 ft San Gorgonio Range. These views are quite impressive from Fawnskin's lakefront homes, but they are equally as spectacular from the homes that dot the hillsides of the north shore.

Most of Fawnskin is located on the valley's south facing hillsides, accessible by oftentimes steep, narrow roads. This adds to the charm and authentic vintage feel of the general area. Many of the homes are older but retain their rustic charm. Yet it isn't unusual to find the typical varied mix of Big Bear real estate in the area - from authentic Big Bear log cabins to more contemporary, spacious, custom-built homes.




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